Bella Housewares Dinner with Chef Jason Roberts

written by Dana December 11, 2016
Bella Housewares Dinner with Chef Jason Roberts

Photography: Michael Simon

With the holidays approaching, upping my culinary game is certainly on my mind! Like any good woman, I like to eat and also enjoy cooking! It’s not every day that I get to test my culinary skills with a celebrity chef!  BELLA Housewares hosted a special evening and cooking class led by Chef Jason Roberts. Chef Jason is an internationally known chef, author, television personality, brand ambassador, fitness enthusiast, and gluten-free lifestyle advocate. He also was a super friendly host who took the time to really teach the guests some of his culinary techniques.

Held at The Kitchen Table down on Mulberry Street in Manhattan, I knew that a special time was to be had. The class featured dishes prepared with select small kitchen appliances from BELLA Housewares’ Fall Collection including the all-new Air Fryer, Copper Coated Ceramic Collection, 2-in-1 Emulsifying Blender , Waffle Maker and Pressure Cooker.

Although all of the cocktails, and food prepared by Chef Jason and the group were delicious. My favorite was the waffle that you dipped into the homemade butternut squash soup. It had that home-style vibe I really enjoy! It was so nice to catch up with Joey Hodges who did an amazing job with this gathering, Micah Jesse, Alicia Quarles and Josh McBride. We also hung out with Sammi Sweetheart and Kelly Bensimon.

I like BELLA Housewares because the quality of the products is amazing for a reasonable price. The designs are also modern and look so chic in the kitchen. You can keep up with the latest BELLA Housewares (@bellalifestyle) adventures on their Instagram. The pictures below tell the rest of the story! #Mangia!


Chef Jason Roberts debuts BELLA Housewares new collection at #myBELLAlife Event

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