CEW: Rethinking the Way We Do Beauty

written by Dana March 22, 2017
CEW: Rethinking the Way We Do Beauty

Article by Jenna Firshein

I have begun to rethink my skincare. My friend just opened an online business Sunpop Beauty dedicated to selling natural and organic beauty products and she tests every product herself. I have slowly changed out all my skincare products and have been more cognizant of what goes on my body. So, when Daily Fashionista asked me to cover CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women) I was excited because of all of the amazing brands I would be able to learn about. Innovative beauty is what CEW is all about and I love that notion! What I didn’t know at the time, is my focus would be on the natural and organic beauty products; with so many big brands I wanted to see what was new in the market in a smaller and impactful way. The event was set up wonderfully, and it was easy to navigate and learn more about so many interesting products new to the market.

There were some favorites like Skinfix , which hit the market with a bang last year and focuses on natural skincare. Milk Makeup, founded by fashion experts and owners of Milk Studios that is cruelty free and made with the best products in mind, and Weleda , who has practiced sustainability since its inception in 1921 and continues to innovate. These businesses were all in the main section so I moved to the CEW Sustainability Excellence Section to learn more about why these companies were chosen.

There were two businesses that stood out to me: Blue Beautifully  and Avalon Organics. I spoke to the Founder and CEO of Blue Beautifly, Saied Karamooz, who is truly passionate about the product. Their mission “is to foster beautiful and healthy skin and hair by developing innovative products made with botanical, organic, non-GMO, fair trade, and cruelty-free ingredients for women and men with well-being of our planet in mind.” They also donate 20% of profits to helping disadvantaged women and children around the world. When I told him that I no longer wear deodorant because they carry a lovely lavender one, he said, “Good for you! More people should.”

Next I spoke to Tara who was the representative from Avalon Organics, a company that sells to major retailers. They have amazing products for those of us without skin issues, but they have a line of dandruff treatments, a baby line, and they have a new line coming out for eczema, which she uses on her young child. Just like Blue Beautifly and Weleda, every aspect of the business is focused on being able to use nature as it was intended without harming it. They have also partnered with the non-profit Care that helps marginalized girls throughout the world.

Some other great brands I viewed were; Eco ToolsPromise Organic, FarmacyTeadoraMother Dirt and Éclair Naturals. Looking and feeling great is now more tangible than ever!

I also enjoy stopping by the CEW Beauty Awards website for the latest in beauty news, events and more.

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