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written by Dana January 19, 2016

It’s a new year and at DailyFashionista we value the importance of the basics. With every look you create, it’s important to have great skin — it really is the first thing people see. I’ve been learning about the importance of skin care and how it also can help boost your confidence. Creating a routine that works for your skin and lifestyle is something that I’ve made a priority.

One of my favorite resources for skin care and beauty related tips is Lovely Skin. They carry the most innovative brands and offer useful tips and advice (which I find makes all the difference). With daily life stresses and the weather changing, I felt my skin was in need of some tender loving care, so with a little research I decided to try the Lumixyl Trifecting Night Cream available on Lovely Skin. When you sleep, skin repairs itself and I’ve heard that having the right night cream is very important.

I began using this cream over a week ago at night and applied it before I went to sleep on clean skin. The first morning, I noticed my skin already looked plump and very moisturized. Over the next few days, I continued using the Lumixyl Night Cream and each morning there was improvement. My skin has more of a lit-from-within glow to it and overall healthier appearance. I will continue use of this and do notice some of my fine lines seem to be softening a bit. You can access the 25% off discount code by visiting here if you’re curious to try this cream out for yourself!

When I saw one of my friends this past weekend, she actually commented on my skin! (so there must be something going on here with this night cream). Have any skin care questions or curious about a beauty related topic? Stop by the Lovely Skin website. I also enjoy visiting their Instagram and Facebook pages for more beauty information!

Let’s keep the conversation going Tweet @DanaPrigge and @LovelySkin. I always enjoy connecting!

* a sample of this product was provided and all of these opinions are my own 

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