#DFStreetStyle: Beat the Heat

written by Dana July 22, 2015
#DFStreetStyle: Beat the Heat

There has been a real heat wave in the New York metropolitan area this week. It has been really humid and sticky. As soon as you get home from work or even on a weekend, you just want to be comfortable and cool! Here are some of my tips in order to beat the heat.

First and foremost stay hydrated. One of my favorite waters is Smart Water because I simply feel better and more energized after drinking this! Another tip is to wear comfortable sandals — there is no time for shoes that hurt if your feet tend to swell a bit in the summer heat. Sunglasses that are easy to wear and look chic are also on the list! Delicate jewelry that makes a style statement is another must wear. For a treat, I enjoy cooling off with a tasty ice bar and discovered some delicious offerings from Nestle in their Outshine Snacks frozen fruit bars made with real fruit and veggies (they taste great). The rest of the pictures will tell this stylish story. In the meantime, keep cool and I hope you’re enjoying the sunshine!

Outfit Details: Top: Macys/ Shorts: TJMaxx/ Necklace: Jane Basch Jewelry/ Ring: Bijouxx Jewels/ Bracelets: Dune Jewelry/ Flip Flops: Flopz/ Nailpolish: Lisa Lacquer/ Sunglasses: Woodzee

What are your favorite ways to cool off? Tweet @DanaPrigge I would love to connect!

Woodzee sunglasses

NYC skyline

Smart Water

Macys top

Jewelry 1

Vegan nailpolish


Flopz 1

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