#DFStreetStyle: My BFShirt

written by Dana December 8, 2015
#DFStreetStyle: My BFShirt

DailyFashionista is literally strutting into the week with something fun and a special discount. With the holidays here you may be trying to think of a unique gift or just want to wear something sentimental. In walks My Boyfriends Shirt a flirty brand that literally customizes items for you to wear with your boyfriend’s name (significant other, crush, etc).

The line is very wearable, fashion forward and cool. By now, you may have noticed that my sweatshirt says DEPP, after Johnny Depp. While I realize he’s married, Johnny has always been a big celebrity crush of mine, so I figured why not have a little fun here on #DF and style a look that was unique! Maybe you want to wear your crushes name on a hat, shirt or dare I say your underwear?! It’s all possible over at MyBfshirt. There are so many edgy styles to choose from.

*Now for the discount, mention DailyFashionista and receive 10% off your order now through January 1 by using the code Fashionista10.  We also enjoy perusing their Instagram for style inspiration. Have any questions feel free to Tweet @DanaPrigge I enjoy hearing from you. See my Johnny Depp inspired sweatshirt, below!

My boyfriends shirt 1

My boyfriends shirt 2

My boyfriends shirt 5

My boyfriends shirt 4

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