Girls Night In: Cooking with Trudeau

written by Dana October 5, 2015
Girls Night In: Cooking with Trudeau

Temperatures are dropping in and around the New York metro area and that means one thing, time to cozy-up inside. Even though you’ll find DailyFashionista on adventures and soirees out in the city, nothing quite compares to a fun girls night in!

There’s something to be said about having your bestie over and cooking. One of my favorite types of food is fondue. Who doesn’t love anything dipped in chocolate or cheese?! (let’s get real for a moment) So when creating the perfect menu for a Girls Night In, you want to pick something fun and delicious. I came across a wonderful fondue set at Trudeau.  The Lumina Fondue Set was super easy to use and comes with recipes and suggestions right on the box! You’re given the choice of creating a Meat, Cheese or Chocolate fondue. For our first time use of the set, we decided to try out making the cheese fondue. We opted to cut up delicious french bread and crispy green apples for an appetizer. Sharp cheddar was our cheese of choice! Let’s just say, the results were really impressive and felt as if we were dining at a restaurant. This isn’t exactly a low calorie meal/snack or treat, but why not indulge and have a little fun. I also, used the incredible Trudeau bake ware to make a homemade apple pie! This pie plate again was so easy to use, makes baking a breeze and even comes with a server. Overall, DailyFashionista was very impressed and clean up was hassle-free.

Thinking of having a Girls Night In? Here is the recipe we used to create a scrumptious cheese fondue:

  • 200g of cheese per person
  • White wine and garlic to taste
  • 1 1/2 cups of cubed bread per person
  • 1 cup of fruits or veggies per person

Looking for inspiration? Stop by the TrudeauCuisine Instagram page for cooking and entertaining ideas! Tweet @DanaPrigge with any questions! I enjoy hearing from you. Now, about that cheesey goodness, see below.

Fondue 4

Fondue 7

Fondue 5

Fondue 6

Fondue 3

Fondue 2

Apple pie

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