GLAMSQUAD at NYFW: Dennis Basso

written by Dana February 22, 2017
GLAMSQUAD at NYFW: Dennis Basso

One of the wonderful aspects to being a writer during New York Fashion Week is the ability to go backstage and see experts working on top models for the best designers creating beauty looks. It’s really quite interesting and while you may think that these looks are out of reach for the every day gal, I have news for you. These looks are often wearable and learning new techniques to make yourself look fabulous is always welcomed! This was a very easy, street inspired look that was polished yet undone at the same time. I like to think of this as a model off duty look, maybe now I can finally get it right at home.

I had the opportunity to go backstage at the Dennis Basso NYFW show and get the inside tips from GLAMSQUAD who created the beauty look for his latest collection. Here are the details and how to:

Hair: Giovanni Vaccaro for GLAMSQUAD

Nails: Christina Quercia for GLAMSQUAD

INSPIRATION: This look’s inspiration is lived-in, undone and edgy


  • Start by sectioning hair, taking the crown section in the back of the head and pinning it into a bun, leaving the front section completely down
  • Next, take Kerastase Materialiste and apply from root to mid-shaft, leaving ends out. Repeat process using Baxter Cream Pomade
  • Depending on the density of the hair, take a small section above the top of the ear and coat with Baxter Cream Pomade. Take that section and weave it under and over the hair of the section you just prepped with product
  • Secure end of section at nape of neck with tension using a bobby pin and repeat on opposite side above the top of the ear. This will create a flat, tight shape at the nape of the neck with natural ends
  • Wind hair through and around a bent U-shaped hanger and flatiron to seal style to create an inconsistent curl pattern for an un-done effect
  • Next, take the crown section and repeat process to create texture. Use Kerastase VIP on crown section to create more airy, undone effect
  • Take hair at the mid-shaft and set with wax paper and metal clips to create a smooth indentation at the nape of the neck
  • Brush hairline forward using your fingers to create added airiness and gently tuck hair behind the ear to complete the look


  • Prep the nails with base coat followed by hydrating the hands with lotion
  • Apply two coats of LAVY Number 26 to create a gorgeous deep brown color
  • Apply one coat of top coat and one drop of quick dry to seal the look

Dennis Basso New York Fashion Week

Glamsquad NYFW beauty

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