Parisian Chic Meets Affordable Street Style: Maison Jules

written by Dana September 29, 2014
Parisian Chic Meets Affordable Street Style: Maison Jules

Article by: Darcy Zink

La nuit était incroyable! Recently, DailyFashionista had the pleasure of attending the remarkable Fall/Winter 2014 presentation of Maison Jules. There, I had the ability to look closely at upcoming fall/winter trends while simultaneously feeling as if a part of Paris worked its magical way into the Big Apple.

The Parisian style has always been a mix of timeless taste with individual creativity, which was a reoccurring theme I observed in all twelve looks of the night. While using the basic foundation of classic styles such as cashmere sweaters, denim jackets, skinny pants, and waffle cardigans, there was also a bit of that Paris edge with flowing (think 1950’s) style skirts, dresses of lace and sequins topped with comfortable and chic sweaters, and more. When we think of the recognized Paris fashion, the idea of elegant, bold stripes often enters our head, and Maison Jules certainly brought that style to life with striped box tees, dresses, and even a striped sweatshirt combo dress. And accessories? You bet there were berets, tasteful beanie caps, and a variety of hats reviving Audrey Hepburn’s memorable style.

In addition to the fashionable preview, guests were greeted with champagne (this is a Paris theme, after all!) French delicacies including my personal favorite dessert– macaroons! The atmosphere was playful with dogs clothed with fitted Maison Jules white shirts, and a violin performance accompanied by DJ Leslie Kirchhoff. Among the guests were fashion blogger and the face of Maison Jules, Betty Autier, American model Cory Kennedy, and actress Annabelle Dexter-Jones.

I could not have been more in love with the Maison Jules Fall/Winter 2014 line. Style is about expressing oneself, and the looks featured in the presentation allowed women to combine Paris and American fashion while possessing the ability to add their own “spark” as a finishing touch. I plan on rocking some of these looks in the fall and winter! For those of you more interested in the presentation or Maison Jules in general, check out their line at Macy’s, or feel free to follow them on Instagram!

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