Anna Wintour and Ken Downing

written by Dana December 11, 2017
Anna Wintour and Ken Downing

There are a few moments in your life and career that really stand out. This was definitely one of those experiences. I recently had the opportunity to attend a special event at Neiman Marcus Short Hills by Terry Dragoumis Public Relations Manager. The morning kicked off with delicious drinks, beautiful flowers and a speaking area set up for Anna Wintour, Editor in Chief of Vogue Magazine and Ken Downing Creative Director of Neiman Marcus.

It was most definitely an exciting day and I was really curious and grateful to hear what they had to say. When icons talk, I listen. There really are many things to be learned when industry leaders share their insight. Ken Downing began the panel by greeting the crowd with energy and a welcoming vibe. I’ve always admired his incredible eye for style. He warmly introduced Anna Wintour (who was wearing a gorgeous velvet floral dress) and the both of them began talking fashion! I almost felt as if I was listening into a private conversation, because the interactions between these two flowed so organically!

Anna discussed journalism, social media, celebrity style, and more. Ken spoke of his love of coffee, about seasonal trends and his love affair with the ’80’s, which is really exciting! Next up we were all treated to a Fashion Show styled by Ken and his and Anna’s thoughts on certain looks of the season. Anna appreciates color. Ken said that, “more is more and less is a bore” when styling this runway show for the Neiman Marcus Short Hills guests.

I have to agree! The attention to detail and to be able to see his styling skill so up close and personal was a true treat. Some of my favorite looks (although they all were amazing) was the leopard print coat paired with the stockings & Louboutins and the plaid coat with the sequin dress ensemble. Cool 1980’s tunes permeated the store and it was an enjoyable experience.

After the runway show, Anna and Ken made themselves available to talk and snap some pictures with guests, which was so nice to see. I had the opportunity to chat with Ken and we took a fab picture you can see below. Also, a special thank you to my blogger friends who joined me for the day. The perfect finale was a gift bag from Vogue and Neiman Marcus with a copy of the Meryl Streep issue signed by Anna Wintour personally! Epic! See the photos below for a recap of this incredible morning at Neiman Marcus at the Short Hills Mall.

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