DailyFashionista Celebrates with Origins

written by Dana November 23, 2015
DailyFashionista Celebrates with Origins

Article by Marleny Almonte

With the holiday season on the way DailyFashionista had the opportunity to visit the beautiful Origins store at the Galleria in Houston, Texas. Looking to feel refreshed and receive great service? Love natural and innovative products for your skin, body hands, and hair while exciting your senses? Well, this redesigned Origins store is for you.

#DF was greeted by SVP, Stéphane De La Faverie who was excited to see us there and share the journey that would be taken from the moment you walk through the door. He presented me with the other two hosts — the beautiful couple, Catherine and Sean Lowe, of The Bachelor. They shared their personal favorites with the crowd. The couple that shops together, stays together!

Immediately, I noticed the concept included lots of plants and information on how Origins products are made with a wall dedicated just for exploration. Then there was a wall that was very scientific with a video explaining how the Origins products are made. The overall space was warm, bright and easy to navigate. There even is a sink as soon as you walk in, allowing customers the opportunity to try their products with no rush. With cold weather hands creeping up, this is the perfect way to stop in and use their scrub, wash in the sink and finish with a soothing lotion. I did, about three times with different scents and I enjoyed my time there.

At this event when you purchased a product, $1 goes to the Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge that’s in partnership with the Red Leaf project. I get to help the trees and buy a wonderful hand cream. That’s a true beauty win-win.

It was a wonderful event and the new store was friendly, bright and inviting. During my conversation with Stephane he wanted to let the DailyFashionista readers know that Origin’s re-designed stores will also be rolling out to the rest of the US. They look forward to continuing to offer their wonderful FREE mini-facials! He encourages everyone to discover the new experience and if you are new to the brand come in to discover amazing products.

We also enjoy staying up-to-date by visiting the Origins Instagram. Happy Holidays!

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