Fashion with Purpose: Unleashed World

written by Dana May 2, 2017
Fashion with Purpose: Unleashed World

Fashion is much more than what you wear. There are reasons why you may choose to wear a particular style or how an article of clothing can actually make you feel. It’s interesting, but beyond looking pretty there are fashion brands that actually have a purpose and meaning behind them.

Supporting women in any capacity is a notion and action I hold dear to my heart. As we grow and evolve one appreciates acts of kindness and how our moves, whether grand or seemingly small, can help someone else. You never know how a simple act of kindness can change someone’s life. In walks Kara Ross, the creator of Unleashed World. Her mission is fashion with a purpose and helping others worldwide. One of the things I really respect and admire about Kara is she is a doer. While many may want to help, Kara actually does. And an important reminder that everyone counts.

UNLEASHED is a social impact brand whose net profits support girls’ education and job creation globally, founded by Kara Ross. Their 2017 non profit partners are Dress for Success and Girl UP. UNLEASHED is thought of as a profits with a “purpose” company. Their next venture includes a job creation platform in India, bringing product to market in the US by skilled female artisans globally. They are UNLEASHING women’s potential by creating opportunities to break the poverty cycle through education and job creation. The whole program is about creating jobs for artisan women in other countries.

The details on this top are one-of-a-kind and all of the hand beading is done in India. This is the perfect top to wear from day to night! You can see some style tips below. The sequins really sparkle in the sunlight. I paired this top with a new pair of shorts I recently picked up from Zara and added a fun pom pom handbag. I also wear my white jeans on repeat and this Unleashed World top looks amazing with my favorite white denim. This top definitely adds something special to these wardrobe pieces!

Whenever Kara is involved with fashion or jewelry you know the quality is going to be incredible. It truly is my honor to wear this with pride. This is a wonderful way to look good and feel good from within! Pre-order information will be coming up so stay tuned on my social media channels. This will be available at some impressive retailers and stores we all know!

I also enjoy stopping by the Unleashed World website, their Instagram for inspiration and Facebook page for updates! Want to keep the conversation going Tweet @DanaPrigge as always I enjoy connecting with you. And let’s empower one another!

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