Trying Dry with Dove at Magnolia Bakery

written by Dana October 14, 2015
Trying Dry with Dove at Magnolia Bakery

Try Dry Dove

At DailyFashionista we definitely attend wonderful events and get to experience some pretty amazing things.  Our latest adventure was an evening spent with Dove at Magnolia Bakery in New York City. This famous bakery and their cupcakes have been featured on Sex And the City as Carrie Bradshaw’s must-have treat.

Our friends at Dove sent along a mailer and asked us to partake in an interactive game. As part of the fun, we tested out one of their newer products. When I originally founded #DF, it was really important to have a platform to talk about tips and also products that are worth it. These days, we all live pretty busy lives and I want to spend my time and my dime on items that enhance my daily life. In other words, make things easier!

A package arrived at the DailyFashionista headquarters and the next step was to spin the wheel. We landed on the Dove Dry Spray. I had never tried this product before, so I was curious to see how it performed. I also have an aversion to products that have a strong scent, so I wanted to see what this Dove Dry Spray antiperspirant was all about! Next up, was the challenge. We were challenged to learn how to make and properly ice cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery. The pressure was on!

We were greeted by Nick at their Columbus Avenue location and he was really welcoming. Team #DF had our Dove Dry Spray on and ready to take on the task. What we learned were two things; a) Icing cupcakes is a lot harder than we ever thought and b) This Dove Dry Spray really works!

This product doesn’t have a strong odor, it actually soothes your under arm area, sprays on dry and also doesn’t transfer all over your clothing (another plus). What we learned is this antiperspirant actually has some moisturizers in it to keep you dry but also keep you comfortable. It’s a must-have product, performed well and we love it.

Have any questions or want to connect?! Feel free to Tweet @DanaPrigge and @Dove and we can talk further about the #TryDry challenge. How do you think we did? Check out the photos below:

Magnolia Bakery 1

Magnolia Bakery 2

Magnolia Bakery 8

Magnolia Bakery 5

Magnolia Bakery 6

Magnolia Bakery 7

Magnolia Bakery 4

Magnolia Bakery 3

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